Welcome to Another Day of Bullshit

Welcome to my site – where I carefully spill my mind’s frustration and do it with raging style. Join me, and see that you are not alone in being annoyed by all the mundane stupidity humanity has to offer. People, as a race, got to a peak in evolutionary idiocy. Not only that intelligence is no longer needed to raise a person’s probability of survival; being smart hinders one’s chances to reproduce. During our era – it is unhealthy to be aware of shit. Though, finding reasons to be upset should be easy; and if you are carrying a rare genetic disorder that allows you to enjoy being pissed off, this is a perfect time to live.

This page is for people like you and me, sharing common daily life’s annoyances. The style is cynical, the humor is dark, and the overall quality is shit. So stay at your own risk. None of your time will be refunded, even if you manage to prove it was my fault that your precious time went to shit. Please send your complaints to my email; though that will only get you told to go and fuck yourself by my 14-year-old cousin – who will gladly accept me forwarding your emails to him so he can practice his less-than-formal English.

I am just a down to earth motherfucker who likes speaking his mind, and when that is not enough, I come here and post about it too. Sadly, as much as I would like to keep my language a bit less tribalistic – my blood pressure does not allow me to write a whole paragraph without swearing. Please pray for me, even though God will not listen, because he made me this way. And he made the rest of humanity too – which is very unfortunate.

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