WordPress is a platform that allows simple people – like me – to get a decent looking site quite quickly without much of a hassle; No coding knowledge needed. Sometimes, quick and easy has its costs; and the following ballad-wannabe story was written to illustrate one of my recent grievances in using WordPress. Imagine you […]

Have you ever thought to yourself “Hey this blog/book is quite nice, I find this standard looking content quite funny and engaging, maybe I could start a blog as well; write some things I wanted to write about for years, in my head they sound hilarious, I must put them on paper. I even remember […]

I was walking on the beach during sunset. The sun was giving a pink purplish flirt from between long puffy clouds. Stepping on the uneven sand, contemplating, fancying myself a fucking poet. I was thinking of the same thing many poets like to think about – I was thinking of pussy. So I came up […]