About Me – The One and Only

Who am I? just another nobody who had the idea of writing a blog a while ago. Obviously, I was doing it to make money, because during that period, for the first time in my life, I truly felt like I had something to live for. Alas, I was broke, and my dream was shattered; So I started writing, got half-decent at it and thought it might be profitable. I wrote a bunch of unpublishable crap, and chose to carry on with my life to become a programmer. Forgetting all about that writing fiasco.

Recently, I realized making a blog is possible because I picked up a better work ethic, and because I do not care anymore about other people’s opinion. (at least I do not care for it in this self-restricting manner which makes you avoid doing your own thing and owning face.) So writing this thing became a reality. It is a therapeutic activity, something which combines most of the healthy shit I like doing – writing, complaining, and unleashing my anger. So I come here to write, and hopefully, some of you will find my content interesting enough to stay.

Feel free to post comments, anything goes here when it comes to criticizing me, and it is part of the fun of being on the internet. I believe that being an idiot arguing with idiots should be an official sport endorsed by the cyber Olympics, and with enough practice – I might even win the cyber-retard medal.

If you are willing to give me feedback, ask me something I have no clue about, or try and convince me to have sex with your beautiful sister, please contact me at:

(Title your emails accordingly, having the name of my site will get my attention.)